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Note 1 - Organization and Description of Business

Note 1 - Organization and Description of Business
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2022
Notes to Financial Statements  
Business Description and Basis of Presentation [Text Block]



Starco Brands, Inc. (STCB) was incorporated in the State of Nevada on  January 26, 2010, under the name Insynergy, Inc. On  September 7, 2017, STCB filed an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation to change the corporate name to Starco Brands, Inc. The Board determined the change of STCB's name was in the best interests of the Company due to changes in its current and anticipated business operations. In  July 2017, STCB entered into a licensing agreement with The Starco Group (“TSG”), located in Los Angeles, California. The companies pivoted to commercializing novel consumer products manufactured by TSG. TSG is a private label and branded aerosol and liquid fill manufacturer with manufacturing assets in the following verticals: DIY/Hardware, paints, coatings and adhesives, household, hair care, disinfectants, automotive, motorcycle, arts & crafts, personal care cosmetics, personal care FDA, sun care, food, cooking oils, beverages, and spirits and wine.


During the third quarter of 2021, STCB formed two subsidiaries, Whipshots, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company ("Whipshots LLC") and Whipshots, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company that was subsequently renamed Whipshots Holdings, LLC ("Whipshots Holdings"). Whipshots LLC was a wholly-owned subsidiary of STCB at formation which was subsequently contributed to Whipshots Holdings. Whipshots Holdings is a majority-owned subsidiary of STCB in which STCB owns 96% of the vested voting interests. There are unvested interests not owned by the Company for an additional 3% of the equity which has been issued subject to vesting requirements. The accompanying condensed consolidated financial statements are of STCB and its subsidiaries Whipshots Holdings and Whipshots LLC (collectively, the "Company").


In our opinion, all adjustments, consisting of normal recurring adjustments, necessary for a fair presentation of unaudited consolidated financial position and the unaudited consolidated results of operations for interim periods presented have been reflected herein. The results of operations for the interim periods are not necessarily indicative of the results to be expected for the full year.