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Starco Brands (OTCQB: STCB) invents and acquires consumer products with behavior-changing technologies that spark excitement in the everyday. 

Today, its disruptive brands include:

  • Whipshots®, the world's only vodka-infused whipped cream co-founded by global artist Cardi B;
  • Art of Sport, the body care brand designed for athletes and co-founded by Kobe Bryant;
  • Winona® Pure, the first indulgent theater-popcorn spray powered by air;
  • Skylar, the only fragrance that is both hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin; and
  • Soylent, the complete non-dairy and high protein nutrition brand.

A modern-day invention factory to its core, Starco Brands identifies whitespaces across consumer product categories.

Starco Brands publicly trades on the OTCQB stock exchange so that retail investors can invest in STCB alongside accredited individuals and institutions.

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