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Starco Brands (STCB | OTCQB) is a company whose unwavering mission is to create behavior-changing brands and technologies while generating security, stability and wealth for younger generations as our global future becomes more uncertain. STCB is an invention factory. STCB's core competency is inventing technologies, marketing, building trends, pushing awareness, penetrating media, social and otherwise and executing cutting edge pull-through strategies with our globally recognized celebrity ad influencer roster and with our multi-billion dollar marketing, media and distribution partners.

The commitment to change the way we approach everyday activities is innate in our corporate DNA. As the world evolves and we face growing financial, social security, health care and environmental stresses, STCB believes in supporting our younger generations as the traditional pillars of society reach their tipping points. As a public company, we encourage long term public equity ownership as our technologies and brands are designed as next generation. We are thrilled to contribute and do our part in building a sustainable future from a consumer consumption and wealth creation vantage point, for all.

Welcome to a 21st century consumer products powerhouse designed for and meant to be owned by the public.

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